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Crowndeed is a company that has sold new and used funeral vehicles, both hearse and limousines, for over 35 years.

We design and manufacture bespoke vehicles and have established a large network of businesses contacts, enabling us to supply whatever you are looking for in the way of funeral vehicles.

We supply new and used vehicles all over the world, with prices starting as low as £1200 (Sterling)/ €1,500 (Euros)/$1900 (US).

Whilst many vehicles in the UK are right-hand-drive, we also have left-hand drive stock, so whatever your requirements, we can meet your needs.

We can't show all of our stock on our web site – it is far too large, and changing all of the time.

Vehicles featured show the range and style we have available, but if you are looking for something

in particular, email us at with the details of what you are looking for.

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